Delivers big results in a complex market

Tanzim Saqib is a Software Architect & Sr. Program Manager with 10 years software production and deployment experience on .NET stack of tools - local mentor to app development at a massive scale. Microsoft MVP awardee (twice). Started coding at 11. Grew business by 4-digit YOY for Microsoft.

He is currently a full-time employee at Microsoft as Technical Evangelist. He ignites local innovation by Imagine Cup, mentors a 300-people large group of Microsoft Student Partners who creates user experiences that cater to the local market. He can be reached at tanzims at microsoft dot com.

Prior to joining MSFT, he served British Telecom, as a Technical Architect in SaaS platform to build next generation SaaS portals. He designed and built Web 2.0 for Business complex architectures for 3.5 million BT Business users.

He's currently up for a focused user-experience related product development.

Leads DX in Bangladesh.

He heads strategy and execution of technical capacity building of the professional developers, technical students and startups in Bangladesh. On behalf of Developer Experience of Microsoft, he helps out local technical community to succeed with Microsoft research and development tools, services and experiences on cloud powered devices. Being the top technical, he develops and maintains close relationships with the people at the GOV., elites & leaders of the technical industry, Academia and other influencers to enable the eco system for innovation using Microsoft R&D tools. He was the first Windows Phone app developer in the country and started a massive app development revolution in the developer community. The division delivers user experiences that cater local market in absolute startup mode.

Twice prior to joining MSFT.

Won prestigious Microsoft MVP award as a technical expert and community champion in ASP.NET for two consecutive years: 2010 and 2011, until became ineligible due to MSFT's employment offer.