Polyglot Architect. Microsoft Alumni.


I, Tanzim Saqib, am an award-winning 11-year experienced software architect on .NET & JavaScript stack with the speciality of designing and deploying scalable architectures. I'm a local app development mentor at a massive scale. I started coding at 11.

What's unique?

I not only have a very strong technical background and experience in delivering complex solutions under tight deadlines and inevitable ambiguity, but also have exposure to the business of software. On top of that, I've championed community with more than 150 speeches.

Awards won

I won prestigious Microsoft MVP awards as a technical expert and community champion in ASP.NET for two consecutive years: 2010 and 2011, until I became ineligible due to Microsoft's employment in 2012.


A brief personal history of work

Being the DX Lead & Tech Evangelist, I developed cloud, native and hybrid apps, managed a pool of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and contributed to all parts of their SDLC to secure their success and mentored a technical community in succeeding with Microsoft Research & Development tools, drove mass adoption of cutting-edge technologies, maintained relationship with CXOs & influentials.

I worked at Microsoft for three years as a full-time employee and Head of Developer Experience (DX) division in Bangladesh. I created, grew and nurtured local MVPs. I was also the technical spokesperson at the subsidiary.

Prior to joining Microsoft

I helped British Telecom, as a Technical Architect in SaaS platform to build next generation SaaS portals. I designed and built Web 2.0 for Business complex architectures for 3.5 million BT Business users.

I also worked for VC-backed Silicon Valley-based startup called Pageflakes, and in Vancouver called Sitemasher. The prior was acquired by LiveUniverse, and the latter was by Salesforce.

Special Achievement at Microsoft

I started a Windows app development revolution voluntarily prior to joining Microsoft until they had asked me to create a market for them. Since then I have created a local Windows/Windows Phone app-ecosystem from zero, and within only 2.5 years, I've made it #1 top app developer globally in a very challenging part of the world called, Bangladesh.